Fiesta Red Saca: June 2013

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Tips dresses to look thinner

It is not always necessary to make thousands of exercises and diets to look thinner severe, there are tricks on the clothes which make us look slimmer and help us to hide those unwanted kilos are others.

Today we share with you some tips to look thinner with party dresses or informal.

- Monochrome colors: Why use monochrome dresses? For a dress that combine two similar shades or one color produces a seamless vertical line which causes the body to lengthen.

- Dressed in short skirts: If you like to show off your legs opt for wearing a pantyhose the same color of the dress, it is more advisable to choose a pitch black for two, so you will look more slender and elegant.

- Straight cut dresses: Other cuts are not straight dresses can make you look more filled, opt for a straight design compleméntalo knee and a jacket of the same color.

- Avoid tight dresses: dresses Forget glued tight to the body and these will make you look unattractive, nor choose a size large super which conceals your whole body. Bring a perfect size for your body and dare to wear your charms.