Fiesta Red Saca: Nine things you should do before getting married

Friday, December 13, 2013

Nine things you should do before getting married

Marriage can be one of the best experiences of life, knowing that you are going to start a family with the person you love can make you feel the happiest person on the planet, but what you should do before getting married?

Although the wedding preparations can keep them occupied for a long time, it is important that other things are carried out to reach the altar with the peace of mind that you've not been with the desire to do absolutely nothing.
Then the fundamental things - for Cosmopolitan and Huffingtonpost - you must do before you say "I agree".
1 Travel: It is time to get to know the places that you want to, you can do it alone / to, with your siblings, your friends or your partner.
2 Live alone / a: learns to be independent and to assess things. Living only / to you can meet real life responsibilities.
3 Open a savings account: with the current economic situation, it is very important that you have some savings for you and your future life; I recommend that this account you deposit 10% of your salary, so you will have a savings for any unforeseen.
4 Spends money on you: you deserve it! That money is the fruit of your effort, pamper yourself a little.
5 Learn to Cook: this has nothing to do with the Cook you your partner when you cases, but rather with the fact of being independent, learn how to make simple recipes and thus not depend of no one to eat.
6 Fiesta salt: this is definitely one of the most important points; If you are one of those people that like to ride prom party, it is important that you enjoy, since once married to each time will be slightly more difficult match with your friends.
7. Worry about your studies: the right time to do so is before marriage, because then you won't have all the time they want to do so. Be sure to meet all your professional dreams, studying a Masters or presumably your university degree.
8 Coexists with your family: remember that time that you pay them to your loved ones is very important. You can spend a day shopping with your brother, go out for a coffee with your MOM, have a talk with your dad, or organize a family dinner.
9. Make peace with your family and future in-laws: if they already decided to put her wedding date, this point is very important. Although it is common that there are problems or stress, I recommend they limen roughness before giving the if, for the sake of your new family.
How many of these things you've achieved? Do you think that there is some other important thing you must do before marriage?

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